ACC MOM Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions.  If you have any additional questions, either email or call the office at 305-284-5058

Q: Who will the audience be?

A: The students will not be expected to provide a formal talk with their poster – they will be expected to stand with their poster for about an hour or so and talk to anyone who comes up about their work.  The audience will primarily be the other participating ACC students – they will be from a large variety of disciplines, so the students should prepare to be able to speak to both students in their field and outside their field. 


Q: Can students present research that was done at another university?

A: Yes, letter of support should then be from the faculty member from the other university that the student worked with.  The faculty/professor may email the letter to


Q: Can a student present research that was completed in a past semester (1 semester) or does it have to be ongoing?

A: Yes, can be a project from a  prior semester.


Q: Are the preparation meetings required?

A: Yes, the meetings are required. Students that are not able to attend the meetings will not be selected to attend the conference.


Q: Is the conference funded?

A: Yes, The program covers travel to/from conference and cost of poster printing.  Any meals not provided at conference are the responsibility of the student as well as any extra baggage charges.