ACC Meeting of the Minds

If you have any additional questions, please email or call 305-284-5058.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Who will the audience be?

    The audience will primarily be other participating ACC students from a large variety of disciplines; therefore, students should prepare to speak to students inside and outside their field. Students will not be expected to provide a formal talk with their poster. Instead, students stand with their poster for approximately one hour and discuss their research with conference attendees. 

  • Can students present research that was done at another university?

    Yes! If this is the case, the letter of support will be from the faculty member at the respective institution.

  • Can a student present research that was completed during a previous semester?

    Yes! Research can be presented from a prior semester.

  • Are the pre-conference meetings required?

    Yes, all selected students are required to attend all of the pre-conference meetings with Dr. Gaines. Students that are unable to complete this requirement will not be allowed to travel to the conference.

  • Is the conference funded?

    Yes, The program covers travel to and from the conference as well as any poster printing expenses. Students may need to pay for any meals not provided at the conference and any additional baggage charges they encounter.