CAS Frequently Asked Questions

College of Arts and Sciences Underrepresented Minorities and Women Summer Program FAQs

Q: I am not a science major, can I apply?
A: Yes, we welcome students from all disciplines from the College of Arts and Sciences, not just science majors.  All work must be done in Miami and student must attend all weekly workshops and extracurricular events.

Q: I am not enrolled in a major at the College of Arts and Sciences, but I do have a minors in the College of Arts and Sciences, can I apply?
A: No, only students that have a major with the College of Arts and Sciences are eligible.

Q: I am a sophomore in the School of Education in Human & Social Development, but I am double majoring in Psychology. I know I am technically an Education student, but I was wondering if I would still be allowed to apply for this research opportunity because of my double major?
A: Yes, since one of your majors is from the College of Arts and Sciences, you may apply and you may present your research from any of your two majors.

Q: I am currently studying abroad and will not be returning until June 30. I was wondering is it still possible to do this research program but starting in July and ending in mid August?
A: No, you must be in Miami and particpate for the full 10 weeks of the program.

Q: Is this program individual work with a faculty member or a program that must be completed in the dates listed on the application?
A: You must identify a faculty mentor (who will write a letter of support) and describe your project as part of the application process and mentor you throughout the project.  In order to participate in the program, you must begin and end on the assigned dates of the program.  You must also attend all of the weekly workshops and extracurricular events and perform all work in Miami. 

Q: I noticed on the application form that applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents. I am really interested in the program and have a research project in mind for this summer, but I am an international student.
A: Only US citizens or permanent residents are eligible to apply.  We regret that no exceptions can be made.

Q: I am very interested in the program and coming up with a research project. I am a bit unsure of how to locate a mentor that would be willing to support me in my research field of interest. Do you have any suggestions on how to find a mentor?
A: You must identify a faculty mentor (who will write a letter of support) and describe your project as part of the application process. Our office may assist you in locating a mentor if you apply online.

Q: Can I do my research outside of Miami?
A: No.  You need to attend weekly meetings for professional development, which necessitates you be on campus one day a week.

Q: Can I participate in the program and take courses or have a job?
A:  No. The program does not allow it.

Q: Do I have to live in the program selected housing?
A: In order for your housing to be paid by the program, you must reside in the program selected housing (Mahoney/Pearson or Hecht/Stanford Residences). The Village is not eligible.  Students that do not reside in program selected housing will not receive reimbursements for housing.

Q: Can I choose my roommate?
A: Roommates are selected by the program administrators. We pair two same gender students from different universities per room.

Q: I am interested in applying however I am not certain that I qualify as I already have enough credits to be considered a senior.  Would I still be eligible for the program? 
A: You may apply if you are still enrolled at UM next fall.

Q: I am interested in this program but would also like to apply for other programs.  What do you recommend I do?
A: Apply to all programs that interest you.  Specify these programs on your CAS Summer program application.  If this program is your first choice, let us know on your application.

Q: Can I receive other summer research support such as PRIME, Beyond the Books, Summer Honors Research or Lois Pope Neuroscience Summer Scholarship, etc.?
A: No, you may not receive other summer research support while in this program.
Q: How competitive is this program?  What are my chances of being selected?
A: The program is competitive.  There are only six positions available each summer.  Over 20 students apply each year.