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  • When should I arrive?

    To maximize your experience, UGR recommends attending the Welcome/Opening Remarks as it will provide an overview of the event. Approximately one week prior to the event, a presentation schedule will be released and posted on the website. If you are unable to attend the welcome session, this schedule will be helpful as it will provide specific presentation times and locations. Please allow about 15 minutes prior to the presentation start time to find parking, check-in, and find the poster location.

  • Are attendees able to take pictures?

    It is advised to ask the individual presenters for permission before taking any pictures of them or their project.

  • Are attendees allowed to ask the presenters questions?

    Absolutely! RCIF is designed to create a dialogue between all participants regardless of their position or research involvement. Each student will formally present their project twice for judging;  therefore, during this time please allow the assigned judge to take the lead with questions.

    If you are unfamiliar with the discipline, general questions are also welcomed (i.e. How did you get involved in research? What are your career aspirations?).

  • Can attendees learn about a project outside of the assigned presentation times?

    Of course! The listed presentation times are for the formal judging sessions; however, students are asked to stand by their poster to discuss with all attendees. If you see a presenter standing by their project, please introduce yourself and ask to learn more about their research!