Guidelines for Presentations

  • Unless you are presenting a work of art or music, presentations should be in poster format. All poster displays should include the author’s name, title, and the elements of the scientific method or creative process and content.
  • YOU are responsible for your own poster production and cost of printing.
  • Ask your faculty mentor for suggestions on where to print your poster. The Richter Library Media Lab also provides poster printing services. Visit their website for details:
  • Click here to download instructions on creating your RCIF poster on a PowerPoint slide. 
  • Tack boards will measure 6’ wide by 4’ high. We recommend that you bring a professionally printed poster, no larger than 4’ wide by 3’ high. The poster does not need to be mounted on poster board. Please bring your own pushpins, tape, scissors, staples, and other supplies. We will not provide you with supplies.
  • The title of the abstract and the authors’ names should be at the top in lettering at least one inch high. Figures, legends, table and text should be readable from a distance of three feet. Major results and conclusions should be stated succinctly and clearly.
  • If you are unable to have a poster printed, please post your sheets on the tack board as professionally as possible.
  • The audience for the project displays will be the RCIF attendees – the general university community of faculty, scientists, students, employees, and community members.
  • Our office will email you your presentation times along with an excuse letter to provide to your professors at least a week before the RCIF.