Research Postings

Please note these are not the only positions available, these are positions that our office has been asked to advertise. If interested in applying to any of the following research opportunities, apply online and indicate the position of interest in the Research Interests area of the online application.

Position: Research assistant, Miami Affective Neuroscience and Translational Experimental Enterprise (MANATEE lab), Department of Psychology

Primary Investigator: Dr. Aaron Heller, Ph.D.

The MANATEE lab seeks a summer research assistant to assist with multiple studies examining cognitive, affective, and psychobiological risk factors for depression and other forms of psychopathology. These projects employ a variety of methods including self-report, behavioral, physiological (i.e. cortisol, skin conductance), functional MRI, ecological momentary assessment and other mobile health technologies.

Responsibilities may include (but are not limited to): IRB activity, participant recruitment and communication, data collection, entry, and organization, statistical analysis, as well as presentation and dissemination of results. Specific responsibilities and further opportunities for individual projects are based on the research assistant’s skills and interests.

Candidates should be able to commit 9 hours per week for at least two semesters. The ideal candidate will be available to start in the summer and continue working throughout the academic year. The ideal candidate will also be motivated and inquisitive with exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail. Previous research experience or familiarity with statistical programs, such as R, is preferred but not necessary. 

The MANATEE lab is a supportive, fun, and respectful research environment. We are located in the Flipse building on the Coral Gables campus. Please feel free to contact us with specific questions or to discuss your interests. More information can be found on our lab website: Please feel free to contact us with specific questions or to discuss your interests. Email: (please CC & ), telephone: 305-284-9555.  

Posting date: 5/24/18  Students can start during summer 2018.  Position is not paid.