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Thank you for your interest in volunteering as a subject expert!

Volunteers play an integral role in the success of RCIF by creating a supportive environment for our undergraduate researchers; therefore, our office thoroughly appreciates those willing to donate their time and expertise. 

UGR is asking those interested in volunteering to complete a short registration form.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Poster Presentation Evaluator

Poster sessions are each scheduled for 20 minutes. This allows time for the student presentation, questions, and evaluators to write down notes that will assist in completing the full rubric.
Poster Rubric

Oral Presentation Evaluator

Each oral session is scheduled for 45 minutes and consists of a panel with four subject experts evaluating five different projects. Students will present utilizing the 3MT model followed by 2–3 minutes for questions. 

Oral Rubric 3MT Overview

Subject Expert Overview

Much of the event's success comes from the feedback provided to students as they seek to improve their projects and presentation skills. At least two subject experts will evaluate each research project. 

What to Expect

  • Faculty, staff, postdocs, and senior graduate students from all departments are encouraged to volunteer as students are instructed to present their research to a general audience and not a specific subject area. 
  • No prior experience is required- guidelines and rubrics are provided by UGR.
  • RCIF does not rank students' presentations. Evaluations are shared anonymously with students for the purpose of providing feedback to continue improving their research and presentation skills.
  • UGR welcomes as much involvement as is feasible with your schedule.

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Research Mentors

2019 RCIF MentorsUGR would first like to thank you for your commitment to students and research by sharing your expertise throughout the year!

RCIF is often the first-time students have formally presented their research; therefore, having research mentors attend is helpful. When not supporting your student(s), mentors are asked to assist additional undergraduate researchers formally by volunteering and/or informally by participating in the dialogue surrounding the other presentations.