How to Get Involved

12 Step Guide to Start Your Research


Visit with UGR Staff

Outside of Ungar Building.

Contact or stop by the Office of Undergraduate Research and Community Outreach (UGR) to familiarize yourself with the process and current opportunities!


Discover Your Interests

Blank goal setting notebook.

Reflect on your short-term and long-term goals, career aspirations, and existing interests to determine research disciplines that potentially could be a solid fit.


Explore Current Research

Project displayed on a laptop screen.

UGR keeps an internal faculty database to help connect students with research mentors that appear to be a close match. However, if students learn of an opportunity through other channels such as a department website please note this in your application.


Determine Availability

Open Macbook and planner for scheduling.

For the period you wish to conduct research, determine how much time (weekly hours, semesters, etc.) you can commit to remembering to consider:

  • Course schedule
  • Commute
  • Employment
  • Student Organizations
  • Pre-Professional Entrance Exams


Prepare Necessary Documents

Printed resume in front of a laptop.

The Undergradate Research Application requires PDF copies of your current resume and unofficial transcript. For more information visit our Resources page or those provided by the Toppel Career Center.


Review and Complete Application

Time displayed on an iWatch.

Applicants can review all of the questions prior to beginning the application to determine if they currently have enough time to complete. If sufficient time is available, please complete the application in its entirety to the best of your knowledge. If you need to come back at a later time, the application will be in the same place waiting for you.


Your application has been submitted! Now what? Great question!

Keep scrolling for six additional steps that are just as important!


Mentor Matching

Applicantions will be referred to several mentors within a few days of being received. However, please be patient as mentors have demanding schedules and may require a few weeks to respond. Students can always contact the office for updates as needed.


Contact the Faculty

UGR will notify students as soon as a mentor agrees to an interview. It is the students responsibility to reach out to the faculty members with the provided contact information to schedule an interview.


Prepare for the Interview

Spend adequate time preparing for the interview. For additional information, check out the Frequently Asked Questions page.


Keep UGR in the Loop

Screenshot of black keyboard with white lettering.

Throughout the interview process, it is important to stay in close communication with UGR in order for staff to provide assistance and update your record as necessary.


Present Your Research

After you have some experience conducting research with your faculty mentor, it is highly recommended to share your findings! UGR offers many opportunities to do so including:


Spread the Word

Encourage other students and faculty members to participate in the research activities! UM's research portfolio can only be improved through the collaboration between undergraduates and faculty.

Where to Next?

Now that you have a better understanding of the undergraduate research process, where would you like to go?