Student Presenters

Thank you for your interest in presenting at the 2022 RCIF!

How To Apply

1. Declare Intent to Present

Due March 25

Declaring your Intent to Present is the first step to officially becoming part of this annual event. You will not need to submit an abstract or any other materials at this time.

Please review the sample form linked below prior to submitting your own form.

Sample Form Submit Intent to Present

2. Prepare Presentation Materials

After declaring your Intent to Present, keep an eye out for an email with further instructions on how to submit your abstract and associated materials.

In the meantime, please review the sample abstract, visual elements (poster or 3MT oral presentation slide), and start compiling the following items below.

  • Project Title
  • Abstract (Maximum 250 Words)
  • Professional Looking Headshot
  • Poster
  • 3MT Slide (Oral Presentations Only)
Abstract Guidelines Poster Guidelines Oral Presentation (3MT) Information

3. Submit Materials

Due April 11
Submit abstract and visual element using the link sent to your UM email address.

4. Mentor Approval

Due April 15

All research abstracts and associated visual materials require approval from your research mentor.

After submitting your materials, an email will automatically be sent to your mentor asking them to review your abstract and visual element.

To help ensure your RCIF participation is not impacted, please work with your mentor to make any changes to obtain their approval before the deadline.

Frequently Asked Questions

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